Writing Challenge: Social Proof

Quill's Writing Challenge: Social Proof


Relating to the user is key

Quill’s website should be designed to speak to its audience. The current design is simple, clear but feels more techie. The site would benefit from a press section and successful case studies of students using the activities which will convey the information Quill needs to, while relating to future users. The stories should be written or filmed by students about their experience, and should lead to a blog post. Similarly, establishing a teacher referral program and offering incentives like free premium account would overcome the fear of using technology in the classroom and help build trust through current users.


Numbers speak louder than words

Numbers are easier to digest and resonate with users. A visitor to the site should immediately see how many students are using Quill, how many teachers are planning lessons with Quill, and how students’ grades have improved since using Quill. The website would also benefit from a map showing which school districts use Quill, which would generate positive peer pressure, this could be done on the landing page or the user onboarding once a zip code is entered.


Be accessible

Visitors should be able to reach out directly to the team or the community of creators and ask questions through an accessible team page. Also giving students the ability to report issues, bugs and questions while working on the activities with incentives will help build trust. One incentive could be asking a student to become an ambassador for Quill. The student will help other students, be the first to test new features and they will be featured on Quill’s social media.


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